Dentistas y Estética Dental en C.C. Altos del Higuerón
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Welcome to Centro Estético Dental Higueron

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Centro Estético Dental Higuerón is your new dental and aesthetic dentistry clinic in CC Altos del Higuerón shopping centre. Although recently opened in October 2016, Dr. M. M. Coman has been providing integral dental care for over 25 years. He and his team at Centro Estético Dental Higuerón offer all types of modern dentistry treatments and specializations with the aim of providing high quality comprehensive dental care.

In Centro Estético Dental Higuerón we have patients of different nationalities and languages as we speak Spanish, English, German, and Romanian.

Our modern dentistry treatments and services specializations include all specializations of modern dentistry- cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, orthodontics, implants, oral surgery, periodontics, restorative dentistry, sinus lift surgery, oral & maxillofacial surgery, teeth cleanings, teeth whitening, fillings, root canals, among others, thus covering all the patient’ needs.

Our philosophy

Our logo is 'Prevention is better than cure, better cure than replacement' . In the cases where this cannot be applied, we offer the most advanced dentistry methods to diagnose and solve the problems each patient has.

We are proud of providing excellent quality standards, a thorough organization, as well as our determination to be continuously updated with the latest techniques and treatments.

We are a dental and aesthetic dentistry clinic you can trust where we provide a comprehensive service. We would like to remain as quality leaders and open to our patients suggestions.

Spain's Dental tourism

With its glorious climate, spectacular scenery and fine beaches, Spain has long been one of Britain's favourite destinations - for holidays, second homes and retirement. Now, the emergence of high quality clinics - coupled with the favourable prices - are making Spain important as a medical destinations as well.

Indeed, dental tourism is an increasing trend with more and more Britons combining a holiday with a visit to the dentist. It sounds odd but for a growing number of Britons who cannot get treatment on the NHS and do not want - or cannot afford - to pay huge bills for going private.

Data from the British Department of Health established that the amount of people with access to NHS dentists has dropped by 47,000 since 2006. In 2006, over one million were left without access to NHS dental care and the situation is likely to deteriorate.

As an alternative to private dental care in the UK, more and more patients are traveling abroad to Europe to seek quality dental treatment. They are combining the pleasures of a short break with the opportunity to visit a good quality cosmetic dentistry clinic overseas. Typical procedures e.g. dental crowns, implants, veneers, bridges and other cosmetic dentistry techniques can be found cost effectively and performed to high standards.

You can save up to 70% by travelling to Spain for dental treatment - before accommodation and flights are taken into account. So why don’t you make the most of your holidays at Spain’s popular destination Costa del Sol and get an affordable high-quality dental treatment too? If so, our team of the highly qualified doctors at Dentacom dental clinic will be pleased to help you. Dentacom dental clinic was created on the basis that the most important thing is the well-being and health of patients. That's why we place high quality of our services at the first place, together with the latest technologies which result in an efficient treatment with a perfect aesthetic effect.

Don’t forget: Nice teeth make you more attractive!